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Facilities Management (FM) shape our buildings, therefore FM creates the perception of the business which resides within.

If this is true why do so many companies look to reduce FM budgets? Why are we the first point of call in an economic crisis?

Surely it would be far more beneficial and proactive to a business if they invested in FM, thus improving the shape of the business. ‘Fight’ rather than ‘flight’… stand out above the crowd, don’t join the mass and reduce your service.

How many FM’s have had to pull out all the stops in preparation for a client or last-minute investor visit? Why would the Exec request a sudden improvement?

Because subconsciously they know the value of FM… but do Facilities know their value?

What is the increase in hidden/unforeseen/OOH costs that are associated with a sudden “let’s improve the way we look?”.

How much pressure does this sudden improvement put on the FM team?

Who’s accountable for the budget after the event?

I think we all know the answers here…

Which in turn gives the business another excuse to critique FM. It’s a vicious circle I’m afraid.

Promote, celebrate, get excited about FM, after all, what we think we become! Don’t we?

If we (FM) believe that we (FM) shape a business, then you (FM) need to encourage, tell and make your company understand that we (FM) are worth our weight in gold.
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