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Gold Status is simply a list of the ‘Best of the Best’ Specialists. Having completed the vetting process through the Bronze Status application followed by completion of the Silver Status training the final stage is the Gold Status. To obtain Gold Status businesses need to perform to the very highest standard when working for or on behalf of SSiFM. By obtaining good ratings in the following key areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Quote Submission Timings
  • Quality Product / Works / Service
  • Health & Safety
  • Communication
  • Reaction & Flexibility of works
  • Costs

In order to achieve Gold Status and be the top business within your areas of expertise, you will need to complete x10 tasks, projects or contracts and receive an overall rating of above four stars. Once this has been achieved the business will automatically jump into Gold Status. This also works the other way around and when services dip below fours stars the business will drop into Silver Status.

All areas are hugely important to Facilities Managers when outsourcing to Specialists. Some areas have seen frustrations in the past, however, now with this open source business directory, there is no place to hide for poor performance. This enables FM’s to directly rate and reward specialists for the works being completed, helping drive efficiencies into the FM industry.


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