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Flexibility in Support Solutions

Executive Summary

Facilities Maintenance and Construction Services (FMCS) are part of the FI Real Estate Group and deliver high caliber working environments for their tenants. They approached SSiFM Ltd after gaps were identified in the delivery of reactive and project facilities management works, where there was potential for negative impacts on their clients. A solution had to be designed to ensure all Facilities Managers had access to resources and services when it was not possible to deliver in-house. SSiFM have succeeded in providing additional support and reducing costs of these services by 20% over an 18-month period.

Key Facts: Cost reduction = 3.5% / Time reduction = 50%


FMCS has a diverse property portfolio and a reputation for managing buildings to an extremely high standard.  This variety means there is no value in a rigid off the shelf solution. Therefore, a flexible, tailored approach to complement their services was needed.

There was in shortfall dedicated service suppliers and reactive contractors in a multitude of fields, and in order to ensure that they procured the most economically viable solution, FMCS often had to rely on local knowledge, and this was proving at times to be costly and time consuming.

Regional and site facilities managers were in an increasingly pressured environment, where their time was becoming more and more in demand.

Support was needed to underpin the excellent work of FMCS and ensure the balance of client and services was maintained as expected, despite a fluctuating flow of reactive and planned work.

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SSiFM set FMCS up on their bespoke ticketing system so works requests could be made and managed by the Facilities Managers in the organsiation.  This was designed to alleviate pressure on the Facilities Managers time and energy by reducing the need to chaes  multiple quotes, RAMS & job sheets for reactive and planned work, allowing them to concentrate on strategic issues.

The network of Specialist Suppliers was then utilised to source the best value and quality for the client. This included reactive maintenance such as roof repairs and drainage, to contracted provisions such as cleaning, security, grounds maintenance & a dedicated reception service in one of the client’s most prestigious buildings.

SSiFM took their time to understand the needs of FMCS, including their approach to work and how they support their clients. This allowed them to work in partnership, with understanding and in a collaborative manner.


The support provided by SSiFM gave FMCS access to a trusted network of resources and suppliers to call upon as and when required. The delivery of this service was evidenced by:

  • Ensuring the client received a dedicated service and building a strong and lasting partnership.

  • Reducing costs by 5% in the first 18 months.

  • Making significant impact on the time spent gathering quotes for works, allowing the FM’s to work on other matters. Approximately 50% of Regional Facilities Managers time saved gathering required documentation through SSiFM system.

  • Providing a wide range of services to ensure that as many as possible of the clients needs could be met.

  • Rapid turnaround time on all works and meeting tight deadlines and cost restraints.

  • Being open to suggestions and adjusting the service delivered to suit client needs.


The role of SSiFM was to support FMCS in many minor, yet fundamentally important services. They did so with great success, which allowed the client to ensure their customers received the high caliber service they expect.

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