Total Facilities Management company SSiFM are excited to announce the launch of their latest project. Project Conforta aims to grow the company’s resource pool within the West Midlands by encouraging businesses across a wide variety of trading services to partner SSiFM and become SSiFM Specialist Agents.

Project Conforta’s objective is to build long-term relationships with local service providers and suppliers and to grow a quality, innovative team dedicated in carrying out all tasks, projects and contracts in both domestic and commercial areas of the trade services on behalf of SSiFM and their sister company SSiREACT. Local businesses that register to be a SSiFM Specialist Agent with the company will benefit from reduced business development overheads as well as access to a significant amount of new businesses opportunities that come through the company’s easy to use online Task Manager portal.

Chris Balmforth MC, MBIFM, Managing Director of SSiFM who is heading up the project explains, ‘We are actively hunting and searching for the ‘Best of the Best’ within a variety of trading service areas. Not every company or individual will be successful, and it will only be those that pass our Facilities Management (FM) vetting process (Bronze Status), and show aligning behaviours, attributes and values that will be successful and prosper from Project Conforta.’ He adds, ‘There is a full induction process (Silver Status) that will be the final determining factor as to whether you or your company will be placed on our preferred supplier list (PSL). We urge anyone interested to contact us for further information and register their interest.’

SSiFM provides an innovative, easy to use Facilities Management portal and centralised database of quality vetted, FM professionals who can be called upon to support local businesses at any time of day or night. SSiFM’s mission is to provide a transparent FM support network that enables FM professionals to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Interviews to join the programme have recently begun and limited companies, sole traders and individuals are encouraged to get in touch to register their interest in becoming a SSiFM Specialist Agent.

For further details about SSiFM and for more information about the launch of project Conforta, please visit, alternatively call 03450 519 187.

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